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Volume Based Site Wrapping

Let technology do the work! Employers with an ongoing need for recruitment benefit from deep savings. We capture all the jobs from your site and display them on JAMA Career Center. You gain exposure to the wide, multispecialty audience that regularly engages with The JAMA Network.

  • Tiered pricing is available based on your job volume.
  • Exceptional savings for advertisers placing 101+ jobs.
  • Deeper savings for large-volume advertisers placing 1,000+ jobs.

Updates are made from an employer’s website 3 times each week, so when listings change on your site, the updates are mirrored on ours.

Job capture often can emulate aspects of your site’s look and feel—to convey institutional identity. You can upgrade selected fast-track jobs or those for which premium visibility is essential. Each wrap includes a free employer profile.

Wraps require a 3-month minimum commitment. Invoices will be based on a client’s actual monthly job volume. Please contact your sales representative for a quote by clicking the button below or phoning +1 (800) 262-2260.

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