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Medical Education Stats, Research & Opinion Articles

JAMA has a long tradition of publishing medical education research and opinion. That tradition now extends across The JAMA Network. This annual theme issue contributes to the diverse and lively scholarly conversations about how to train physicians to meet today’s challenges in patient care.

Appendix I: Undergraduate Medical Education

  • Enrollment for each of 145 LCME-accredited medical schools
  • Trends in enrollment by sex for 1996-1997 through 2016-2017
  • Other useful tables on medical school enrollment

Appendix II: Graduate Medical Education

  • Trends in numbers of programs and residents by specialty
  • Distribution of residents on duty by specialty
  • Geographic distribution of residents by state/region
  • Citizenship status of International Medical Graduates
  • Race and Hispanic ethnic origin of residents by specialty
  • Citizenship/visa status of residents
  • Program size and number of first-year positions by specialty

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